Project Proposal Instructions


For your final project we ask you to produce a realistic image that imitate a real object, phenomena, or a scene. The scene or object should be challenging enough to require you to design and implement a nontrivial rendering algorithm on top of PBRT. The final project is your opportunity to study an area that interests you in more depth, and to showcase your creativity.

Examples from students who took a similar course at other universities can be found here (pay special attention to projects from the past 3 years):

Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind when picking a project topic:

  • What are your specific goals? What particular object/phenomena/scene do you want to simulate?
  • What imagery would convincingly demonstrate that you have accomplished your goals? Try to keep this in mind throughout your project.
  • What technical details are involved? What has already been done in this area? Can you find appropriate references? When you read a paper, look for what has not been done as well as what is already widely known. Think about new ideas you could try.
  • Is your goal achievable? You should avoid being too ambitious. Set up a goal that's challenging enough to you yet is achievable within the time frame.
  • How do you partition the tasks? The project should involve programming aspects in both geometric modeling and rendering. In a two-person team, one person should be primarily responsible for modeling, the other for rendering. It's a bad idea to pick a project that merely involves modeling a scene in existing software and rendering it with PBRT without any code extension.

Project Proposal Presentation:

Project proposal presentation is scheduled on Tuesday, Apr 22nd. Every group has 10-15 minutes to present your proposed topic. The presentation should try to answer all questions listed above. Your presentation slides should be sent to me ahead of time.

Some Project Ideas:

Modeling Aspect

Rendering Aspect

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