Homework Two Answers

  • 1. 1.1.4 graph appears to be directed, but since all arcs go both ways, the graph is actually undirected. Edges: (j m)(j w)(m r) (m s)(r s)(r t)(s t)(w t)(w s). Letters stand for names. J->S takes 2 days, through M or W. If J, W, stop talking, rumors take 3 days to reach j -> t.

  • 2. 1.1.20 c,e,k, and h,b,i. If c is chosen, k is forced, this forces e. If h is chosen, b forced, and this forces i.

  • 3. Top entry in sequence must be n (or n-1 if low entry is 0). This value is too large

  • 4. 1.1.28 part (d) of #27, with vertex g eliminated.

  • 5. 1.1.30 b,d,f are all disjoint intervals. E touches all, so it must be of different length.

  • 6. 1.1.36 vertices are labeled 0 16. Each vertex has arcs to next 3 (e.g. 8 -> 9, 10, 11). Second player wins by always getting to these states: 16,12,8, 4.

  • 7. 1.2.4 not isomorphic: cube has all even cycles, pinwheel has odd cycles.

  • 8. 1.2.6 parts a,b a) LHS has 3 verts of degree 4; b) isomorphic

  • 9. 1.2.16 a) same as #4 above; b) 5 connected to all others. Removing 5 leaves a graph with odd number of verts of odddegree; c) start with a hexagon, then correct.

  • 10. First is impossible; second can be reduced to (2 1 1 1 1), which is a real graph.

-- RobbieMoll - 26 Sep 2006

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