MeetingAgenda1 -12'13'03 :Eric, Weiwei, Dan - Gui Sketches

MeetingAgenda2 -01'09'03 :Eric and Rick Adrion - First Meeting

MeetingAgenda3 -01'11'04 :Eric and Dan - Requirements

MeetingAgenda4 -01'20'04 :Eric and Dan - Requirements

MeetingAgenda5 -01'24'04 :Eric, Weiwei, Dan - Requirements

MeetingAgenda6 -01'29'04 :Eric, Weiwei, Dan - Prototype design and source control discussion

MeetingAgenda7 -02'05'04 :Eric and Rick Adrion - Second Meeting

MeetingAgenda8 -02'12'04 :Eric, Mike, and Dan - First Meeting on High Level Design

MeetingAgenda9 -02'19'04 :Eric and Rick Adrion

MeetingAgenda10 -02'19'04 :Eric, Mike Baldwin, Mike Gallagher, and Weiwei

MeetingAgenda11 -02'27'04 :Eric, Mike Baldwin, Mike Gallagher, Weiwei and Dan

MeetingAgenda12 -03'04'04 :Eric and Rick Adrion

MeetingAgenda13 -03'10'04 :Eric and Books for Books

MeetingAgenda14 -03'11'04 :Eric and Mike Gallagher

MeetingAgenda15 -03'24'04 :Eric and Dan

MeetingAgenda16 -03'25'04 :Eric and Rick Adrion

MeetingAgenda17 -04'08'04 :Eric, Dan, and Mike

MeetingAgenda18 -04'15'04 :Eric and Rick Adrion

MeetingAgenda19 -04'22'04 :Eric, Dan, Weiwei, Mike G, Mike B

MeetingAgenda20 -04'29'04 :Eric and Rick Adrion

MeetingAgenda21 -05'11'04 :Eric and .Net user group

-- EchristO - 25 Nov 2003

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