When: Thursday February 12th '04 (approx. 1 hour) 

Where: LGRC 

Who: Eric, Dan, and Mike

Make sure you guys check out Coding Standards in High Level Design.

1. Discussed the database design

    a. The tables include: Book, Dept, Class, User, and Transactions

2. Discussed the business Logic

    a. This mainly consisted of all the validation to make sure the 
user entered in the right information.

    b. One class will have to be made to keep all the session variables 
that holds what the user entered.

3. Discussed the Gui Design

    a. The Gui will follow from what the prototype looked like.

4. Split up the classes

   Eric- User Authentication and Database

   Mike Baldwin- Sell Step 3 + 4. 
       a. Sell Step 3- Where the user enters all the information in.
       b. Sell Step 4- Show the user what they entered and confirm
 everything is correct.

   Dan- Buy Step 1+2, Sell Step 1 + 2

       a. Buy Step 1 + Sell Step 1- Ask user to enter a dept.

       b. Buy Step 2 + Sell Step 2- Ask user for a class.

  Weiwei- Buy Step 3

       a. Buy Step 3- Shows a list of all the books the user can buy
           i. This includes the "Notes Page" which shows the sellers
   Mike Gallagher and Kristian Hermansen- I will contact you to figure 
out what part of the project you can work on.

-- EchristO - 13 Feb 2004

Topic revision: r1 - 2004-02-13 - EchristO
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