Interior design project


  • FPS - walk around in the scene
  • Moving stuff around (requires selecting objects in a ray-tracing type way)
  • Collision detection / physics
  • Catalog
  • Load/Save

Scene creator

  • Add/Remove objects (catalog) - Research UI of sketchup, sims
  • transformation (keyboard+mouse)
  • catalog (list, actual preview)
  • mouse interaction (raytracing)
  • textures

  • Load/save - Research Boost - Boost
  • Default ply repository
  • collision/physics - Physics engine / collision detection algorithms

  • Support for different file formats - Blender scripts
  • FPS/Camera
  • lighting


-- NfoX - 20 Apr 2007


-- NfoX - 25 Apr 2007

Miscellaneous Links

Development Phase

CVS setup

I've set up a CVS repository in /courses/cs500/cs591b/cs591b_1_s07/cvsd.

You should be able to checkout/update/commit as long as you have a valid ssh account to the edlab machines. Here's command I use to check out the module (called interior_decorator, I know, it's not that catchy..)

cvs -d:ext:<username>@<edlab machine>:/courses/cs500/cs591b/cs591b_1_s07/cvsd checkout interior_designer

GLUI screenshots (linux)

  • glui example1 on linux:
    glui example1 on linux

  • glui example2 on linux:
    This is of interest since the main screen has two viewports
    It's looking at the same object from opposite directions.
    glui example2 on linux

  • glui example3 on linux:
    glui example3 on linux

  • glui example4 on linux:
    glui example4 on linux

  • glui example5 on linux:
    This one has bunch of widgets that we might be able to make good use of.
    Rotate/Translate buttons can be used as a starter interface, and then we can improve later...
    glui example5 on linux

  • glui example6 on linux:
    glui example6 on linux
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