Policies and Motivations

A draft of policies to promote hardwork, fairness and efficiency.

  • Team members' work shall be transparent. We may log work loads, timeliness and quality of work.
  • Some measurement to evaluate each memebers performance and contribution

Initially every has 100 points. If an idea is presented and adopted, the person gains 5-20 points. A failure in delivery of a project segment could result in a loss of 5-20 points. If the work has serious flaws, deduction of 5-20 points. The person who discovers flaws get 5-20 points. Deductions also can be given due to tardiness for meetings.

Suggestions and Comments

I like the idea of having policies to encourage our work to be team related.I am worried a points system might result in too much concentration on keeping point and less concentration on the project. Of course this project should be fun, and points may discourage that. Just some suggestions -- Brent 2/4/05

Beta Home

-- BkowaL - 04 Feb 2005

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