Spring 2005 CS320 Project Group 4

Table of Contents:



  • Monday 2/14: Designated meeting time.
    • Agenda:
    • Handouts:
      • Project Agenda
      • Requirements Assignments
    • Minutes:
      • Handed out documents.
      • Attendance.
      • Reviewed sample specifications.
        • Exclude performance/environment requirements.
        • Include game play, multi-player.
      • Individual tasks, Requirement Specifications:
        • Nan, Ernald, Fran - requirements (rules, game play, etc.) by Friday
          • Fran - Single player, Dual Player mode requirements
          • Nan - Dual Player Mode, Chat requirements
          • Ernald - Single player, Chat requirements
        • Brent - use cases, testing requirements, diagrams by Sunday
        • Oliver - formatting (table of contents, layout, etc.), introduction/conclusion by Monday
      • Software
        • Microsoft Word for version/changes tracking
        • Microsoft Visio for diagrams
      • Drafted list of requirements
    • Future:
      • Requirements team meeting Friday, 9:00 AM in the EdLab
      • Presentation Tuesday/Wednesday
        • Single speaker
    • Requirements
      • Game Start/End/Entering Initials for highest 20 Scores
        • Game opens on title screen allowing for choice between Single and Multiplayer
        • Actual game play begins with Chef in the middle of the lowest platform and all enemies off-screen
        • High Score List should sync with opponents when playing multiplayer
          • Top 20 of the 40 top scores should be kept
      • Game play:
        • Character movement
          • Up/down on ladder
          • Left/right on platform
          • Cannot move off the edge of a platform
          • Cannot jump off ladders
        • Pieces
          • Running over burger piece results in piece dropping one level
          • Any enemy hit by piece is killed, character receives points
          • If enemy is on top of piece when knocked down, will fall down three levels
          • One piece on each level
            • Piece landing on another piece causes that piece to fall
          • Pieces of the burger fall one at a time
          • Piece only falls one level if other player is standing on it
            • Other player dies
        • Pepper throws
          • Start with 5 throws
          • When hit, enemy goes into sneezing fit for 5(ish) seconds
            • Chef can pass through enemies unharmed during sneezing fit
          • Pepper is thrown in the direction Chef is facing
          • While on ladders, pepper can be thrown left, right, up or down
        • Points
          • Completed burger 5000
          • ice cream 500
          • fries 700, bonus pepper
          • coffee 1000, 2 bonus peppers
          • at 10000, extra pepper
          • at 20000, extra life
        • Enemies
          • Sausage: fast, set path
          • Egg: slow, follows
          • Pickle: fast, follows
          • Contact with enemy kills chef
          • After death, Chef and enemies all go back to their starting points
          • Burger peices remain where they were when Chef died
          • Enemies respawn right after being killed
        • Online play
          • P2P
          • Choosing online game allows another player to join in at any time
          • Joining player must know hosting player's IP
          • Joining player starts at the state of the hosting player's game
          • Should either player leave, the other may contine on
          • Allows for chat between players
          • Chefs should be colored differently to avoid confusion
          • (did he say how pepper affects other player's chef?)
          • Respawning
            • Player should respawn in his starting location with short (3 sec?) god mode
        • Chat Window
          • ??
        • Pausing
          • 2 minutes, then auto continue
          • in multi-player, only pausing player can un pause
        • Levels
          • 6 levels
          • Loop through
          • Increasing difficulty (or random)
        • Sounds/Graphics
          • Steal sounds/graphics from open-source project/
        • Non-functional
          • Programmed in Java
    • Should clarify with customer
      • What happens when a player runs of of lives in multiplayer? Do they just watch the living player until he is finished?
      • Verify point values and bonuses
      • Clarify multiplayer. Are there 3 options (single, multi (host) and multi (join) )?

  • Saturday 2/19:
    • Review and revise team memberís work.
    • Integration of the works.
    • Presentation slides.
  • Tuesday 2/22:
    • Presentations of deliverables.
    • Submit deliverables to a reviewing group.
    • Start reviewing, revising.
  • Monday 2/28:
    • Reviews from reviewing group, continue revising.
  • Thusday 3/3:
    • Submit final draft and peer evaluations.

  • Availability:
    • Oliver:
      • Monday, 10:00 - 4:15
      • Wednesday, any time
      • Friday, any time
    • Brent:
      • M-F anytime before 9 AM
      • M,W After 12:05
      • Tu,Th 11:45 - 1:00; 2:15-4:00
      • F after 11:00
      • Weekends
    • Ernald:
      • Mon 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
      • Tues 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
      • Wedn after 3:30 PM
      • Thu 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
      • Sat 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
      • Sun anytime
    • Nan:
      • Mon after 5:00PM
      • Tue 10:45AM-12:45PM (after CS320 class)
      • Thu 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
      • Fri 8:00AM-10:00AM, after 5:00PM
      • Sat/Sun by appointment
    • Fran:
      • Mon 11-12 and after 5
      • Tue after 5
      • Wed 9-12 and after 5
      • Thu after 5
      • 9-12 and after 1:30
      • Sat/Sun anytime


Work Logs:

Date/Time Task ID Task Description Task Type Work Load (round to 0.5 hr) Due Date/Time Assigned To Time Worked (round to 0.5 hr) Task Status
2/3 Team Start Create this document. Administrative 0.5 hour n/a Nan 0.5 hours Info and schedules to be filled by you!
2/8 Wiki Layout Forumulate the general layout of the wiki and migrate initial content from spreadsheet. Administrative 0.5 hours n/a Oliver 0.5 hours
2/14 paper write requirement spec draft for 2-player mode, chat project 4.0 hours 2/18 FRI 12PM Nan 7.5 (wrote general specs, and edit/combined papers) finished
2/14 paper write requirement spec draft for 1-player mode, 2-player mode project 4.0 hours 2/18 FRI 12PM Fran 4.0 (including edits/rewrites) finished -- notes by Nan
2/14 paper write requirement spec draft for 1-player mode, chat project 4.0 hours 2/18 FRI 12PM Ernald finished, no formal paper received, worked with customer for clarifications -- notes by Nan
2/14 meeting meeting to integrate the spec writings project 1.0 hours 2/18 FRI 9AM Ernald, Fran, Nan 1.0 finished
2/14 paper diagrams, testing requirements project 5.0 hours 2/19 SAT 11PM Brent 5.0 Diagrams Finished. Unsure whether we need to do testing specs?
2/14 paper complete final draft!, send to team for review project 5.0 hours 2/20 SUN 11PM Oliver open
2/18 misc make the presentation slides (after Oliver completes) project 1.0 MON 12NOON Ernald open
2/18 misc make notes for the presentation speaker based on slides project 1.5 MON 12NOON open
2/18 misc review the digrams by Brent 0.5 project 0.5 SUN 12NOON Fran open
2/18 misc review the testing requirements by Brent 0.5 project 0.5 SUN 12NOON CANCELED
2/18 misc review the final draft by Oliver project 1 SUN 11PM Nan open
2/18 misc review the final draft by Oliver project 1 SUN 11PM Brent open
2/18 misc help the people who will do the presentation rehearse project 0.5 MON 6PM Fran open
2/18 misc help the people who will do the presentation rehearse project 0.5 MON 6PM Nan open
2/18 misc presentation and preparation project 1.5 TUE in class Ernald open

Requirements Document Critiques and Comments

I uploaded Nan's draft around noon on Sat. --Brent
  • For pausing, one player mode also is only allowed 120 seconds, i believe.
  • Possible considerations for removal:
    • remove the may support gamepad/joystick (dont want to bite off more than we can chew)
      • (I second this -Fran)
    • remove the entire performance section *Any aspect regarding network and lost connection should be put in the 2-player mode reqs.
Those are just a few suggestions. Great Job! -- Brent 2/19 12:16 PM
  • Brent, thanks for the suggestion, i think your idea is great! the lost connection should be in the 2-player mode reqs!,,, as I said, I do need someone (else than me) to review/edit my paper:) thank you!
    • the other issues such as UI, input device, speed, multimedia, security (they should not be called "performance" but i couldn't think a good name for it)...are applicable to most game and online multiplayer game design, they are usually incldued in the requirement specs, i searched samples of game design specs online and read them, so i followed their way...but they can be removed if we agree it's not necessary.
    • could anyone compare our document to the example documents given by professor, and give some feedback/suggestion on how to structure it? thanks --Nan 2/19 6PM

Policies and Motivations

A draft of policies to promote hardwork, fairness and efficiency.

  • Team members' work shall be transparent. We may log work loads, timeliness and quality of work.
  • Some measurement to evaluate each memebers performance and contribution

Example: Initially every has 100 points. If an idea is presented and adopted, the person gains 5-20 points. A failure in delivery of a project segment could result in a loss of 5-20 points. If the work has serious flaws, deduction of 5-20 points. The person who discovers flaws get 5-20 points. Deductions also can be given due to tardiness for meetings.

Suggestions and Comments

  • I like the idea of having policies to encourage our work to be team related.I am worried a points system might result in too much concentration on keeping point and less concentration on the project. Of course this project should be fun, and points may discourage that. Just some suggestions. -- Brent
  • I propose that we initially plan on splitting the grade evenly, and make exceptions in the case where all of the other team members feel someone deserves less credit for some reason (lack of participation, failure to attend meetings, etc.). -- Oliver
  • This is not about how to split the grade, I support the idea of splitting the grade evenly. this is a measurement to be used by the team internally. -- Nan

Member Skills:


  Java Visual Basic C/C++ ASP html/css Unix script SQL
Nan 4 4 3 4 4 1 4
Oliver 4 3 3 3 5 5 5
Brent 4 3 4(C#) 1 4 1 3
Fran 4 1 3 1 1 1 1
Ernald 4 1 3 1 1 1 1

Programming Tools:

  Eclipse 3 VSS Jbuilder Sun JDK
Nan X X X X X
Oliver X X X X X
Brent       X X
Fran X   X   X
Ernald     X   X

Other Skills:

example skills make PDF file make Flash presentation, animations make Power Point Slides Microsoft Visio
Nan No Yes Yes Not yet
Oliver Yes Yes Yes  
Brent Yes Yes Yes Used Before..Not a pro by any means
Fran No No Yes Not really
Ernald No yea, mostly the basic stuff though Yes No

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  • Set ALLOWWEBVIEW = BetaGroup

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